TM Speech 2: New Year Financial Goals

new year financial goals

I delivered my toastmaster speech 2 in Jan 2018. I spoke about how anyone can achieve new year financial goals in 2018 and beyond. You have to start by preparing a personal financial plan.

Title: New Year Financial Goals

Club: Seaside Toastmasters Club

Location: Eko Hotel, Lagos

Date: 13 Jan 2018

Project Objectives:

  • Use an outline which aids understanding.
  • Transition smoothly from one point to the next.
  • Craft an effective speech opening.
  • Craft an effective speech conclusion

The Toastmasters Speech Series

Speech SeriesMy Project
1. The IcebreakerMy Journey So Far
2. Organize Your SpeechNew Year Financial Goals
3. Get to the Point Money Can Buy Happiness
4. How To Say It Emergency Savings
5. Your Body Speaks
6. Vocal Variety
7. Research Your Topic
8. Get Comfortable with Visual Aids
9. Persuade with Power
10. Inspire Your Audience


  1. Insightful.However,as mentioned in your speech people are not conscious about their spending appetite.The other obstacle is discipline on information assessment and implementation.

    • You are right. If most people practice, planning will help them improve their financial conditions.

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