Keynote Speech: empowering The Gambia Through Innovation and Impact

ACCA Interview

At the prestigious 7th Stake in the Nation Forum, held on January 13th, 2024, organized by The Gambia’s Office of the President and GK Partners, I had the honor of delivering a keynote speech that encapsulated my journey from a humble village in Saruja to the international finance arena. View my full speech at the end of this message.

This forum was not just a platform for sharing my story but a clarion call to the Gambian diaspora and all stakeholders to engage actively in our country’s development. With Gambia facing a poverty rate of 53% and a senior secondary completion rate of just 41%, our collective efforts in innovation and education are more crucial than ever.

Join me in exploring the key takeaways from the forum and my vision for a more prosperous and inclusive future for The Gambia.

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