I write about personal growth, personal finance, finance leadership and technology.

My work has featured in a number of national and international mediums such as Financial Management (FM) magazine, West Coast Radio, GRTS & Fatu Network, among others.

Although most of my write-ups appear on my sites like businessingambia.com, below are some of the featured articles and news from other mediums.

  1. Creating a culture of blameless problem-solving – FM Magazine by CIMA & AICPA
  2. Gambian Blogger Becomes Amazon USA Bestseller – The Fatu Network
  3. Think Like a Banker and Get Your Loan Approved – The Self-Employed
  4. The Future of Finance : 3 Must Learn Subjects – Finance Leadership Forum
  5. Charting the World with Oxford Brookes and ACCA – Oxford Brookes University Alumni Magazine
  6. 100 ‘Most Influential Gambian Writers – Writers Association of The Gambia (WAG)
  7. Writers’ Association Appoint Honorary Ambassadors for Africa, US, UK – Foroya

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