10 Productive Study Tips for Professional Students

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Have you ever feel that your studies are unproductive? Yes, it happens to many students. However, it does not have to be that way. In this article, I have discussed many productivity study tips for professional students.

1. Get good furniture

An uncomfortable chair can make it harder to concentrate and can affect your back in the long term.

2. Quiet environment

Have you ever heard of the concept of context-driven memory? It is a scientific phenomenon which state it is easier to recall information when the learning and recall environment are similar. You need to study in an atmosphere that is similar to an exam hall.

3. Take your mobile phone out of sight

Phone calls and messages can create distractions during studies.

4. Switch the TV off

Yes, there are good TV shows and series, but the truth is you are less productive if you try to watch TV while studying. Switch off your TV if you want to be productive.

Maybe you should sell it or give it to someone until you are finished.

5. Ignore social media.

Sometimes, curiosity can tempt you to check social media for a few minutes. However, as you may have read in my new book (PASSED), social media creates distractions. The good news is that there are software that can block specific sites.

Do not get me wrong: I appreciate the value of winding down, but you have to learn to limit yourself.

6. Proper filing

If you have organised notes and books, then you will spend less time to looking for them during studying. I have seen students cut their reading time in order to find another book.

7. Have a study calendar

Successful students set aside certain periods of time each day or week exclusively for studying. My reading times are 6 am to 8 am, and sometimes 9 pm to 12 am.

8. Positive mental attitude

Remember, chapter one of the book discusses having a positive mindset. Every human endeavour requires a positive mindset. If you think calculus is complicated and impossible to pass, then reading will be boring.

Even if you do not want to agree with me on the other study tips, the idea of positivity should never be ignored.

9. Prepare for the next day

This is one of my favourites. Every day before I close for work, I develop my to-do list for the next working day. In addition to a general study schedule, plan or arrange the materials at least a day ahead.

10. No food or too much of food can make you unproductive

You should eat well, drink lots of water and sleep well. Too much of eating can make you feel sleepy, dehydration is stressful, and lack of water is probably the worst of all.


If you practice these study tips, you are sure to pass any exam.

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