PASSED: Readers’ Review and Testimony

book review

Educators, professionals and students have these to say about the PASSED book.

Omar Mboob, FCCA,
Head, Corporate Banking, Trust Bank Limited Banjul, The Gambia

PASSED is a great book full of practical tips and guidelines that will help academic and professional students prepare and pass their examination.

Ebrima Sawaneh explicitly gives an account of his secrets (and probably my own secrets) and approach to passing the ACCA.

I love the summary and action plan at the end of each chapter, especially his “How to read textbooks and prepare study notes”. This chapter is fantastic!

The author also shares some personal stories which will inspire many young Africans that, with determination, hard work and perseverance, there is no limit to what one can achieve.

I recommend this best-selling book to all students, particularly African students who think that humble beginnings constrain their growth in life.”

Alieu K Jarju,
Director General, Management   Development Institute (MDI) Kanifing, The Gambia

‘Ebrima Sawaneh’s PASSED chronicles practical steps (secrets) to pass professional examinations in the first attempt.

The book steps out of the traditional approach and presents itself in the most personal way for readers to relate to their own examination journey. Alongside accounts from established professionals and practitioners, the book offers an accessible personal account of proven steps on how one can pass professional examinations with ease.

It is, therefore, a book I can recommend without reservation.

Scott B Allan
Amazon International Top 500 Reviewer

This book is for the exam preparation for professional exams. This is a much-needed book for people who need help and experienced guidance through the process of getting ready for tests. I know that, when I was in school, I would have liked to pass my exams the first time. In many cases I didn’t so have a book like this would have been very helpful. Now, it can help thousands of people to navigate through their studies and get it right the first time. Why fail when you don’t have to? Grab “Passed” and pass your exams the first time around so you can spend your free time doing things you love to do other than studying for round 2.

Desmond Onyemechi Okocha, MA, PhD,
Founder/Executive Director, Institute for Leadership and Development Communication, Abuja, Nigeria

“This book is a terrific and fabulous piece. Every page offers something amazing. Ebrima is the best penman to write on this subject as I have watched him rise from obscurity to prominence. Once you begin reading the book, it is unputdownable!

PASSED is a must-have for everyone who desires outstanding success in any professional examination.”

Amie Njie Sowe,
AAT Student Member, Birmingham, United Kingdom

Compressed and on point. Easy to read and understand as Sawaneh’s proven practical steps and guidelines are precise, which is very important when you are getting ready for an examination.

Assan Jallow, PhD, ChE
Senior Compliance Strategist, Gambia Revenue Authority, Banjul, The Gambia

PASSED draws many inspirational lessons for readers to learn from or be inspired by reading all the chapters in the book. It explores the tough and difficult journey of the writer and explains in vivid terms how he was able to stand the “test of time” and prove himself in the world full of challenges, and of which the poor are always at a disadvantage.

In short, the book distinguishes itself by wading into issues which many professionals often ignored or felt unwilling to share.

I wish to offer my gratitude to the author for sharing his story with such a captivating tome.”

Jamal Drammeh,
Author of Life Balance & Abundance Business Consultant, USA.

With PASSED, Ebrima has given us a book that epitomizes a practical philosophy to not just taking professional exams, but to learning and proper application of knowledge. It has a universal applicability to preparing for any examination, but it is also loaded with eternal wisdom packaged in utter simplicity.

This masterpiece is delivered in a crisp and concise style to give the reader everything he/she needs in preparing for professional exams with mathematical exactitude, and a lot more to use in life.

Assan N Sanyang,
Postgraduate in Management (ICM), Medical Research Council (MRC)Unit, Fajara, The Gambia

“Ebrima Sawaneh’s book inspired me when I was preparing for my postgraduate exams. It has taught me how to focus on my studies among many other things.”