Finance Professionals Breakfast Session – Gambia 11 Apr 2018

Gambia accounting professionals

The role of accounting and finance has been recognised in the development of our country. Accountants’ roles have gone beyond number crunching as we can perform strategic executions, economic policies, corporate governance and business advisory roles.

However, it is our collective responsibility to engage the stakeholders and provide the ideal opportunities to be part of the future of our beloved country. We cannot effectively participate in development without coming together as a cohort and set new strategic directions.

The mission of this breakfast session is to bring together accountants, auditors, economist, regulators and business leaders to embraces challenges, share knowledge and opportunities relating to the future of our profession in the country. We want to inspire young people who are interested in the profession. The session also intended to set a blueprint for the future conferences in the country through the Gambia Institute of Chartered Accountants (GICA).

All professionals and business leaders are encouraged to be present and share their insights and engage with others.

The Event is Free. Download the full brochure here.

Session 1: Complying with the Gambia Tax Requirements

This session will address the following areas:

  • Common taxes in the Gambia including updated tax rates in 2018
  • How businesses can comply with the taxes in the Gambia and avoid fines
  • The cost of non-compliance with tax regulations
  • The importance of tax compliance

Facilitator: Mr Lamin Jatta (FCCA)

Managing partner, Accord Associates-The Gambia

Session 2: Promoting Best Auditing Practices in the Gambia

The speaker will discuss the following key areas:

  • Industry insight – Current audit practices in the Gambia
  • How we can improve audit profession and its practices in the Gambia
  • Expectation gap- Responsibilities of auditors

Facilitator: Mr Abdou Joof (FCCA, MBA)

Co-founder and Partner, HAD & Co Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers

Session 3: Opportunities in the Accounting Profession – the case of SME & Startups

This session will discuss the following areas:

  • Business opportunity and idea assessment
  • Finance and accounting opportunities in the Gambia SME & Startups sector
  • How do we explore these business opportunities?

Facilitator: Ebrima B Sawaneh (FCCA, MBA)

International Bestselling Author and Founder of

Why You Should Attend

  • Network with peers and industry experts.
  • Learn the updates and business opportunities in the Gambia accounting industry.
  • Personal development strategies

Supported by:

  • Gambia Institute of Chartered Accountants
  • HAD & CO. Chartered Accountants and Business Advisers
  • Accord Associates
  • Dambell Business Corporation (DBC)